How do I serve a notice on a tenant?

The Arizona Landlord Tenant Act provides two methods for providing notice to a tenant.  First, you may hand deliver a notice to a tenant.  To hand deliver a notice to you a tenant you must actually hand it to a person.  Posting a notice on the door does not count as hand delivery of a notice.  The notice must be handed to someone of suitable age at the property.  You have not validly served a notice on a tenant by handing to a child, but if an adult other than the tenant accepts the notice, you have complied with the notice requirements.

The second method of delivering notice to a tenant is through the United States Postal Service.  A notice is deemed received by the tenant five days after it is sent by registered or certified mail to the tenant’s last known address, which is generally the rental property address.

As with all rules of law there are exceptions and nuances to the rules regarding notice; however, the above two methods, hand delivery and certified or registered mail, are the most commonly used methods and comply with the notice requirements of the Arizona Landlord Tenant Act.

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