Court Status re COVID 19

We have received notice from the Courts regarding their anticipated status for the near future.

Pima County Superior Court:  The Superior Court remains open.  Hearings are continuing, although most hearings are being either reset or held telephonically/video conferencing.  The court is limiting people being admitted to the building and requesting that anything that can be done remotely be dropped in a filing drop box outside or filed on-line.

Pima County Consolidated Justice Courts:  The Courts are closed for civil matters.  They are accepting filings, but all hearings are being set 30 days out and currently scheduled matters are being reset.  The Court will notify the parties of new hearing dates.  We will notify our clients as soon as we received updated information regarding our currently scheduled hearings.

Pima County Constable: The Constables are currently serving Writs of Restitution that have previously been issued.  They are continuing to serve other documents including orders of protection.  We will continue to update you on the status of any pending Writs of Restitution as we become aware of changes and updates.

Edmondson Law:  We are open.  We are working flex hours and working both in the office and remotely.  Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns.  We will continue to post updates, information and tips as we receive them on our website and Facebook page.

Evictions:  We are continuing to accept filings for evictions.  We will currently process and hold them until we get closer to the 30 day time frame set by the court to ensure our clients do not incur unneeded costs for evictions that are otherwise resolved, but we will be ready to file and obtain court dates as well.  We will communicate with each client regarding when we file based on our client’s needs.  We are currently working with courts to determine the status and best method to handle Immediate and Non-compliance issues that affect the safety of management and other residents.  We will provide additional information on the handling of these types of cases (we hope) in the very near future.  Please contact our office with the options available for these cases.

We understand with people social distancing or quarantining there may be increased tension among neighbors.  Please continue to contact local law enforcement for anything that gets out of hand.  Encourage tenants to remain calm.  Consider working on payment plans for tenants who have lost their jobs temporarily if possible.

Collections:  We are continuing to move forward with collection matters. Please be aware that due to the temporary layoffs of many companies and the current status of the economy some garnishment payments or voluntary payments made on collection matters may be reduced.

Recommendations for Clients:  First and foremost, take care of yourselves, your families, your co-workers and your tenants.  We are offering discounted rates on documents such as Health Care Power of Attorneys and Living Wills.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.  Continue to check our Website and Facebook Page for updates.


Website:  (see Blythe’s Blog for updates)


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