State of Arizona Executive Order 2020-21 Prohibiting Small Business Evictions

Effective April 6, 2020 and retroactive to March 11, 2020 Commercial Landlords in the State of Arizona are prohibited from evicting Small Businesses for nonpayment of rent in the following conditions.

  1. A Small Business is any business that is eligible for the Federal Paycheck Protection Program. (This is most businesses with fewer than 500 employees.)
  2. A Commercial Eviction Action includes lock outs, notices to vacate or any other attempt to inhibit the operations of a business.
  3. For a tenant to be eligible for the Eviction Prohibition, a Tenant shall notify the landlord or property owner in writing as soon as possible and provide any available supporting documentation showing their inability to pay rent due to temporary financial hardship and acknowledge that the lease and its terms remain in effect.
  4. If a Tenant receives financial assistance from a public program (including but not limited to Paycheck Protection Program or Economic Industry Disaster Loan) it shall apply a portion of this money to current or past due rent. The Landlord may not require a certain percentage be applied.
  5. Commercial Landlords shall consider deferring or adjusting rent payments and are encouraged to waive late fees and penalties.

This Executive Order is in effect until May 31, 2020.

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