With the weather heating up, what about service or emotional support animals in or near the pool?


In the pool, the answer is no.  That is not a reasonable accommodation as it violates health and safety protocol and procedures.


Near the pool, however, it depends.  An emotional support animal is less likely to be considered a reasonable accommodation around a pool unless there is some connection to pools and water for which it is needed. For a service animal, the answer is more likely to be yes, but again it depends on the service the animal provides.  A seeing eye dog is reasonable to have near the pool.  An animal that assists the owner in reaching items is likely not reasonable to have around a pool.


Of course the animal must not pose a threat or inconvience to other residents and there could be additional factors such as time of day, number of other residents in the pool area etc.


A resident needs to make a request for a reasonable accommodation.  Having any type of animal near the pool or in the pool area would require a specific request for that purpose.

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