March 16, 2020

Dear Clients,

We are keeping a close watch on the decisions and notices from the courts regarding the handling of civil matters.  At the present time this is what we know:

  1. Evictions may still be filed as long as the property is not owned by the state or county. Private property owners may still file evictions; we will let you know if and when this changes.
  2. All Affidavits of Service must be mailed to the court, process servers are not allowed in the court building. This could delay the process in any case as mailing obviously takes a longer length of time to accomplish than dropping something off in person.  Cases may be delayed.
  3. The Pima County Consolidated Justice Courts remain open. The court is asking that people not come to court unless necessary.  For current nonpayment cases, managers and owners need not attend.  For all other cases (immediate or noncompliance) please attend as usual. 
  4. The Superior Court has a meeting at noon today. We should have more information for you regarding Superior Court matters this afternoon. 

We will be posting updates on our website see the Blythe’s Blob Tab and on our Facebook Page

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.



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