President Trump issued an Executive Order on August 8, 2020 regarding evictions with COVID.  The CARES Act expired on July 24, 2020 and there has been discussion in Washington regarding a possible extension of the Eviction Moratorium.  To date Congress has not come to an agreement leaving President Trump to issue his August 8, 2020 Executive Order.  The Order itself does not create any requirements for landlords or prevent evictions from moving forward.  It does not extend the terms of the CARES Act.

The Executive Order does authorize the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Director of CDC to consider “whether any measures temporarily halting residential evictions…for failure to pay rent are reasonable and necessary….”  Without further action from these offices, evictions remain an option for property owners who were previously stopped from moving forward due to the CARES Act.

In Arizona, at least for the moment, we do not have any federal regulations to consider in moving forward with evictions, but we do continue to have the State Executive Order which prohibits the possible execution of Writs of Restitution through October 31, 2020.


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