One of the many goals of this program is to be transparent about the process, requests for assistance, and reporting. We want to manage expectations and keep the public informed on funding distribution. On average, requests per week have diminished significantly and are now between 100-200 requests. This is down from 400-600 per week just three weeks ago. If you are interested in staying up to date on program numbers the Program Dashboard located on the homepage of is currently updated 2-3 times per week. Numbers as of May 26, 2021, were as follows:

Total Funds Paid and Committed to Eligible Cases Being Finalized by Caseworkers – $11,609,002

  • Cases Paid/Submitted for Payment: 1,141
  • Cases currently in process: 1,000
  • Total Utility Payments: $488,215
  • Total Rental Assistance: $6,162,836
  • Total Eviction Prevention Requests: 9,744
  • Number of Cases Awaiting Tenant Eligibility Form: 907
  • Number of Cases Eligible and Awaiting a Case Worker: 2,871

This Dashboard is updated semi-weekly.


The Tucson Pima Eviction Prevention Program has a collaborative approach to providing rental assistance. The program allows both Tenants and Landlord/Property Managers to begin the application process. It also requires participation from both the Tenant and Landlord. Below is a list of  required documentation from Landlords/Property Managers:

  • Completed Landlord Eviction Prevention Plan (Provided by caseworker)
  • Filled out IRS Form W-9 (Provided by caseworker)
  • Signed Lease/Rental Agreement
      • Shows Tenant Name, Property Address, Landlord, Rent
    • Landlord/Property Manager government ID
    • Voided Check (if you choose ACH payment option)
    • Proof of Court / Legal Fee
    • Signed Eviction Attestation (IF tenant does not have Proof of Housing Instability)

    To see Tenant Documentation requirements go to the “Are You Eligible?” page on the website.


Both Tenants and Landlords/Property Managers are now able to check the status of individual cases at
In order to do so you must have the following information entered correctly:

  • Case Number
  • Tenant’s Last Name

As cases move through the process, this resource will automatically share the current status of the case. We hope that this resource helps to keep program participants informed.

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