If only we had a crystal ball.  None of us expected 2020 to be what it was.  Looking forward to 2021, we can only speculate on what the new year may bring.  We do, however, have a few insights based upon what we have seen this year.  2020 was certainly not the year of the Landlord.  With COVID the buck stopped at the Landlord for everything.  While we hope things will improve in 2021 with a vaccine on the way and fewer Executive Orders and Government agencies issuing what felt like daily sets of new rules, we can expect Landlords to remain the “bad guy” as we all struggle to recover from COVID.  Last year we anticipated seeing proposed legislation in Arizona regarding Rent Control.  While I personally don’t believe it will pass in 2021, I believe we will see it raised again the State Legislature.  Also be on the look out for additional tenant protections such as bills designed to increase the time for evictions from start to finish be it through longer time periods required in Notices or attempts to delay the Writ of Restitution.  We are also seeing proposals regarding providing more government funds for tenants such as expanding Section 8.  While I hope 2021 is not nearly as eventful as 2020, unfortunately, I don’t think we should plan for smooth sailing for Landlords in 2021.

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