App to Help Arizona Tenants find Resources

Arizona has launched an Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance App to help Arizona residents find statewide rental assistance resources. COVID Information and Referrals The app is available for both English and Spanish Speakers. Through the above links, tenants can find resources available depending on their zip code and the type of assistance needed (rent, utilities, food etc.)  The program is linked to Arizona’s 211 Crisis Hotline Program. For residents who have hearing issues they may use Arizona Relay (800-367-8939) and dial 877-221-8661 for assistance.

Pima County Board of Supervisors Action Puts Communities at Risk

On February 2, 2021 the Pima County Board of Supervisors addressed an agenda item titled eviction prevention.  There was no information provided in writing, thereby making it impossible for the public to address the topic in writing prior to the meeting, and a vote was taken on an oral motion.  Pursuant to this oral motion the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted to extend CDC Eviction Moratorium Protection to tenants being evicted for noncompliance issues unless the issue was criminal activity.  The Property Management and Landlord community has been busy trying to determine what happened and why. While many people,...

CDC Protection Extended through January 31, 2021

Late last night, Congress officially passed an extension on the CDC Order (see the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021) extending its protection for tenants through January 31st of 2021.  Included in the bill is $25 billion in funding for rental assistance, however, it appears unlikely the funds will actually reach the hands of landlords and tenants prior to January 31, 2021. What can landlords do?  Continue to assist your tenants in applying for financial assistance where available.  Continue to work with your tenants in creating payment plans.  Continue to notify us if you have a tenant who has submitted a...

December Update

2020 has been quite a year!  As it stands right now the CDC Order is set to expire December 31, 2020.  We are all waiting to see if it will be extended.  The good news is since the CDC Order we have not had any major changes for Landlords; a change from the daily updates since the start of COVID.  As we hopefully move quietly  and calmly into 2021, I wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season.